You Are A Dust Cloud That’s Going Places

by trevorpantera3112

Neil Turok. Click to purchase The Universe Within.You’re a bag of bones, a windswept soul, your very own cross-section of it all. You are in a specific slice of space when someone is looking at you. You are everywhere when someone is not looking.

When you are aware of yourself, you occupy the space you do. When you are not thinking about yourself, you are everywhere.

When you are everywhere, you are considering your options.

As an analogy, consider the problem of choosing a seat on a train.

There are over 1000 positions on a standard six-car-fixed train, sitting and non-sitting, that you could occupy on your trip. Before you step over the gap and onto the train, you have some ruling out to do: if you like inertia to push you forwards then draw you back, you’ll have to sit facing the direction the train is traveling; if you’re bothered by a crying infant, certain areas will be off limits; if you like a window to stare out of, isle-seats are a no-go; and so on until there are only a few seats left to choose from that mean no more and no less in your mind. That’s when you plop it and wait until your stop is announced.

Before you solve a problem, before you act on it, you weigh the available solutions, and you are able to follow more than one of these solutions through at the same time. You cannot sit and stand, but you can take two seats, or stand as wide as two or three people.

There are histories within your grasp.

You are a spinning dust cloud of possibilities before you do anything.

If you like, you are here.