October 19. This beauteous thing at Knife Fork Book.


October 14. Portraits of the artists as men. Toronto.


November 27. Featuring at Facilitate. Toronto. 

August 21. Hosting Facilitate. Toronto.

April 24. Launch of In/Words Magazine‘s issue, 30 Poets Under 30. Toronto.

April 20. Newtonbrook S.S. Mental Health Awareness Week. Toronto.


November 9. Wild Writers. Toronto. 

September 24. LiterArti. Toronto

August 6. The Love Poetry Festival, honouring Gwen MacEwen and Milton Acorn. St. Andrew by-the-Lake Anglican Church, Centre Island. Toronto. 

July 19. Reading poetry at Victory Cafe for The League of Canadian Poets’ emerging writers night. Toronto.   

June 30. I’m facilitating a performance workshop with words(on)pages. Toronto.

April 26. Outrageous. Toronto. 

Jan 22. Hart House Review Winter Supplement launch. Toronto.

Jan 21. Mrs. Gleason’s 12th Grade Writer’s Craft Class Poetry Slam. Milton District High School. Milton. 

Jan 5. Competing in CIPS qualifier. Toronto.


Dec 10. LIT BANG! Toronto.

Nov 24. Artbar. Toronto.

Nov 21. Cap Slam. Ottawa.

Nov 17. Opening 416 Dating Stories. Toronto.

Oct 18-25. Competing in CFSW. Saskatchewan.

Oct 6. Featured guest on  Howl on CIUT 89.5 FM. Toronto.

Oct 4. The (Not So) Nice Italian Girls present a Roman-style Bacchanalia. Toronto.

Sept 30. Purge or Splurge: a Night of Love Poetry #2. Toronto.

Sept 27. Word on the Street. Toronto.

Sept 17. (parenthetical) nine. Toronto.

Sept 14. Facilitate: Lost & Found. Toronto.

Aug 10-15. Competing in NPS. Oakland, CA.

July 29. untethered 2.1 Launch. Toronto.

June 6. Help Nepal Benefit.Toronto.