My book of fictional ekphrases, The New Frontiers Of Conceptual Art, is out now.

The book is inspired by the community centred on the gift shop in Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, where I worked for two-and-a-half-years. 

In case the term is unfamiliar, a piece of writing is ekphrastic if it involves a literary description of or commentary on a work of art. In the case of NFCA, the artists and artworks are fictional but based on real people.

You can read sample pieces in paperplates magazine (p. 39), long con magazine, and Minetta Review (p. 64). You can also read a more detailed treatment of the book in the Town Crier.

E-transfer $10 (ten) CDN to trevorstevenabes @ gmail dot com along with your preferred email address to receive your PDF copy. If your bank charges you for an E-transfer, please subtract the cost from the price of your copy.

The book is also available on Amazon in a more E-reader-friendly format.

If we worked together at the shop, your copy is complimentary. The same goes if you’re committed to reviewing the book for your website or any other publication. Let me know if you’re interested using the same email above.

nfca cover