Ephemera XII

Your life is a suggestion like a traffic light

A journey through concentric circles you can choose

To see or not see


Insufficient caution may result in tangling among the rings

Leading you to carry out absurdities

Like working for a lifestyle brand that asserts its existence

By selling vegetables and loaves of bread

With faces on them, without offering food

Except espresso bombs and gummy-candy shish kebabs

Maybe a chocolate bar with Pop Rocks or potato chips in it  


Focus on joy through your mind’s tendency

To equate suffering with progress will preserve

The 1:1 relationship between your selves in person and on social media 


How you can’t be bothered to hide what you wish you were better at

Because you don’t wish it, the guts just hang out

Your bandwidth already at capacity chiseling rhythms from experience

To have something to leave behind


To stand in for the solutions to global problems

You’ve yet to develop due to a distaste for naivete 


When you move out of your home

And make it look like you never lived in it

You should feel more in tune with the difference

Between believing something to be true 

And its truth not depending on you at all