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Out now: Wayward & Upward (Off Topic Publishing), featuring me

I have a new poem in this musically themed anthology from Off Topic Publishing. Grab a copy through here if it sounds like your thing:

My new book, Graveyard Poems

The premise behind the chapbook is simple. It was 2015 when Sabrina, a writer friend of mine, suggested that, instead of wiping poem drafts clean when I wasn’t happy with them, I move them to a folder to pile up forgotten.

Sometime in late 2019, I remembered and began executing the following process from the 270-or-so-page document: pick 3-5 passages at random, running the cursor randomly up and down after each selection, and make a new poem out of them. Nineteen of them now reside in your hands.

What we’re dealing with here aren’t 19 ideas exactly, but fragments from 100 or more, frankensteined into vibes I feel worth sharing, unlike their previous incarnations.

Together, they form a portrait of someone I can recognize – a more anxious, idealistic and less experienced version of myself, still struggling to recognize life’s awkward and unsatisfying moments as sources of comfortable resignation, instead of blemishes to avoid like some Hollywood ideal – and I hope my gentle reckoning with him has something to offer you.

You can grab a hard copy on Amazon or a PDF from me.

E-transfer $10 (ten) CDN to trevorstevenabes @ gmail dot com along with your preferred email address to receive your PDF copy. If your bank charges you for an e-transfer, please subtract the cost from the price of your copy.

Upcoming poetry reading

This will be my first in-person reading in who knows anymore. Lots of talented folks in the lineup. Come on out if you fancy and you’re in Toronto on June 15th, 7 pm:

New interview with Blank Spaces Magazine

I was interviewed by Blank Spaces Magazine about my writing practice. Read it here.

Poetry feature at FreeFlow Showcase

You can see me read four poems at last night’s FreeFlow Showcase here. The show featured some pretty spectacular performances from Eunice Keitan, Rose, and more.

We’re Number One, Baby

After 2020, I’m determined more than ever to celebrate every win. I am overjoyed to report that yesterday my book of poetry, The Breakup Suite, hit #1 on Amazon’s Canadian Poetry eBooks Chart. We’re number one, baby! Thanks to Rupi Kaur for ceding the throne for a short while!

Grab your copy in print, as a PDF, or for Kindle. The support thus far has been overwhelming and it’s something I will always cherish. Thanks for reading poetry!

New Book Out Today: The New Frontiers Of Conceptual Art

My book of fictional ekphrases, The New Frontiers Of Conceptual Art, is now available as a digital copy.

It’s inspired by the people I met while working at the gift shop in Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

In case the term is unfamiliar, an ekphrasis is a literary description of or commentary on a work of art. In the case of NFCA, the artists and artworks are fictional but based on real people.

You can read sample pieces and grab your copy here.

nfca cover

LiterArti 2016 #PoetryInThePark

I’ll be reading new poems at LiterArti at Wychwood Park on September 24th!

me LiterArti 2016.jpg

August 6th: The Love Poetry Festival

I’ll be reading poems August 6th on Toronto’s Centre Island with some poets I really admire.


A Really Cool Workshop for Really Cool People

Happy to share that I’ll be facilitating a performance workshop this June in a month-long series alongside Jay MillAr, Liz Worth, Tabatha Stuhlmueller and the Toronto Arts Council. It’s $40 all-included. Grab a spot here.


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