My new book, Graveyard Poems

by trevorpantera3112

The premise behind the chapbook is simple. It was 2015 when Sabrina, a writer friend of mine, suggested that, instead of wiping poem drafts clean when I wasn’t happy with them, I move them to a folder to pile up forgotten.

Sometime in late 2019, I remembered and began executing the following process from the 270-or-so-page document: pick 3-5 passages at random, running the cursor randomly up and down after each selection, and make a new poem out of them. Nineteen of them now reside in your hands.

What we’re dealing with here aren’t 19 ideas exactly, but fragments from 100 or more, frankensteined into vibes I feel worth sharing, unlike their previous incarnations.

Together, they form a portrait of someone I can recognize – a more anxious, idealistic and less experienced version of myself, still struggling to recognize life’s awkward and unsatisfying moments as sources of comfortable resignation, instead of blemishes to avoid like some Hollywood ideal – and I hope my gentle reckoning with him has something to offer you.

You can grab a hard copy on Amazon or a PDF from me.

E-transfer $10 (ten) CDN to trevorstevenabes @ gmail dot com along with your preferred email address to receive your PDF copy. If your bank charges you for an e-transfer, please subtract the cost from the price of your copy.