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Quitting Lasts Forever

Hanlan’s Point

Catch me talking poetry and investing on Howl on CIUT 89.5 FM!

I was on the radio talking about and reading from my poetry collection, The Breakup Suite.

Howl’s host, Valentino Assenza, and I also cover some basics about investing and personal finance.

My interview starts around 43:00!

Howl episode April 20, 2021. (the episode will be available to listen/download until April 28)

Here’s me on Howl for the first time back in 2015.

Saturdays Are For Floating


Everything is Personal

There’s nothing personal about people 

Gatekeeping their lives

Even if you cried at their weddings

Looked after their cats

Shared meals at their tables

Because everything is personal

Like looking with your eyes

And sleeping when you’re tired


It’s what is called a universal lever

A free option you can call in

Soon as you find the strength to do yourself the favour

A lunch tray with aluminum and styrofoam in a quarter-full food court with a city view enhancing the podcast I’m listening to about teasing out patterns I don’t know I’m following


You don’t always have to choose the thinnest paperback

You can fan yourself out and play in caves where shadows don’t obfuscate the exit

You can see them again and prefer to save the effort of pushing through the crowd

Let the dog ears settle before you’re comfortable

With someone kissing on your mind again

The exchange rate from blinders to uninhibited senses is always favourable

Call that commitment instead

No more being stunned like cattle, the drive of genius displaced on people

Who will find the fine print in ride or die when it’s convenient


The View Between Your Fingers

I could tell 

All I’d get

Was the foyer of you 

Just kicks

Took each other home like reference only volumes

To maybe feel moved enough by something

To want more of it

Light particles changing costumes

Two verses translated as DNA

Holy water from a pipette

Applied with any style of prim

To feel rosy with a scientist’s trust in empirical evidence

Tops in time-capsule technology

Poetry with other consumable options

Besides quiet splendor 

Like ingestible glow 

Wearable sonorousness

Portable perspective

Draped over our particular frequencies 

Of being in the world


You Owe It All To Yourself


A letter of forgiveness to my mind

A letter of forgiveness to my mind

Here on out to be referred to as you

Some days you think like a Windows loading icon

The one with six dots running in a circle counter clockwise

They disappear every other trip round

Reappearing at the next moment

Like a rejected teleportation request

Some thoughts come back to me like these dots

Like someone in the corner of my eye

An IG photo keeping closure from hardening

I forgive you for them all

I forgive you for how they bore

As in perforate

The depth they reach

Taps me back into the factory setting

Boundaries, self-care, self-love

How I was thrown into the world

Thoughts racing, hands shaking

Howling to make music

Of the hardships I’d endured

—Liked what you read? Grab a book.

What I Learned

A few lines from “What I Learned” off of my book of poetry, The Breakup Suite.

Copies available through Amazon.

PDF copies through me.

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