21 Ways To Stick Around

Here’s a new poem inspired by Moritz in Spring Awakening. I performed it at the November 2017 edition of Facilitate in support of Ghost Light Players‘ forthcoming production of the play.

21 Ways To Stick Around

  1. Save up to buy the land just outside of where your world ends just in case you decide to expand.
  2. Practice not being OK by treating each time as practice.
  3. Practice regularly dealing with bullshit while working on important things.
  4. Accept that there are different instantiations of the person you want to be to increase the odds of keeping yourself together.
  5. Declutter with vulnerability.
  6. Invest in ignorance by acknowledging its presence in the things you take for granted.
  7. Integrate absolution into your bedtime routine.
  8. Forgive yourself for not saying the right thing because the attitude of fuck it is a flowering endeavor.
  9. Find yourself through a buoy at sea.
  10. Find an activity that engulfs you from darkness.
  11. Tell people about the things you love without letting yourself love them any less no matter what they say.
  12. Defy your anxieties by making a home for the doom this brings forth.
  13. Imagine yourself Sisyphus finding the work too interesting.
  14. Exfoliate by letting what you’re feeling rip your face off.
  15. Get flair from the knowledge that you don’t have to stay.
  16. As an empty vessel you may fill as you choose, you can change your mind about anything.
  17. Talk to yourself like nobody loves you more than you.
  18. Become familiar with the edge of your nerve so mistakes can propel you forward.
  19. Test your beliefs until they’re closer to a space than a feeling.
  20. Stew in discomfort until it presents itself to you as more life.
  21. Consider why you might already be the shit.